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Unicode Tool Kit
16 Dec 2020

As of Q4 2020, Teradata will officially migrate away from Unicode Toolkit (UTK) in favor of Universal Pass Through (UPT). As such, previous link to UTK has been removed from this open access site UPT documentation can be found in the IE Teradata Database International Character Set Support reference. Introductory link to Teradata UPT can be found in:

Teradata CLIv2 for HP-UX,  -  09 Sep 2019

Teradata Call-Level Interface Version 2 is a collection of callable service routines that provide the interface between applications and the Teradata Gateway. Gateway is the interface between CLI and the Teradata Database. This download package is for the HP-UX platform.

TdBench For Any DBMS
8.00.16  -  06 Sep 2019

TdBench is a query driver optimized for data warehouse benchmarks and works with any database that has a JDBC driver. It runs on Windows or Linux. It has been tested and used in benchmarks with Teradata, Postgresql, MySQL, Redshift, Netezza, IBM SailFish, Greenplum, Azure ASDW, SQL Server, and Snowflake. TdBench accumulates test results in an internal H2 database for analysis and can link to host database query logging for complete analysis of test results. Instructional Videos: Duration Video Title Description 0:10:09 TdBench 8.0 Overview This video provides an overview of TdBench with some examples of how it is used to execute tests with SQL and OS commands, query from its local database, consolidating results from multiple vendors and integration with host DBMS reporting. 0:13:31 TdBench 8.0 Installation on Linux This video provides instructions for downloading and configuring TdBench to work with your DBMS under Linux. 0:16:55 TdBench 8.0 Installation on Windows This video provides instructions for downloading and configuring TdBench to work with your DBMS under Windows. 0:14:19 TdBench 8.0 Command Language This video describes how TdBench processes statements when setting up and running a test. It also describes a subset of the commands you can use to build, debug, and run your tests. 0:25:09 TdBench 8.0 Reporting From DBMS Query Logging TdBench can assist in analysis of host DBMS query logging and resource usage data by providing an interface to maintain test metadata on the host DBMS. This video shows how to set it up and demonstrates its usage with Teradata. 0:17:51 TdBench 8.0 Demo With TPC-H This video provides a demonstration of building serial and workload tests using the Transaction Processing Council "H" tables and queries  (TPC-H) 0:41:33 TdBench 8.0 How To Design A Good Benchmark This video describes how to structure a benchmark project, starting with creating the vision, defining critical success factors, defining a realistic workload that is sufficient to make a decision without "boiling the ocean", setup, testing, and execution of the benchmark, leveraging TdBench.

Teradata ODBC Driver for HP-UX  -  28 Jan 2019

The ODBC Driver for HP-UX allows you to connect to the Teradata database from HP-UX applications.

Aster Analytics POC  -  16 Jan 2019

This package contains the Aster Analytics POC Functions

Extensions for KNIME  -  16 Jan 2019

Teradata Wallet for HP-UX,  -  16 Jul 2018

Teradata Wallet provides secure storage for private information, such as Teradata Database passwords, on client computers.  The stored information can then be used when logging on to the Teradata Database. This download package is for the HP-UX platform.

Teradata on VMware Developer Tier Preconfigured
16.20  -  23 May 2018

Developer Tier is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and Teradata Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. Developer Edition software consists of a template and associated property files and scripts.    Teradata Developer Tier (Preconfigured) is a simplified version of Teradata Database Developer tier that allows you to deploy Teradata Database on VMware quickly and easily using the OVA template. Networking is already configured to use DHCP, and you can add storage to the system.  To enable additional Teradata Database features or use additional Teradata applications, see Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier Getting Started Guide or Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide. Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Developer Tier virtual machines.

AsterR  -  04 Jan 2018

R Repository
1  -  04 Jan 2018

A download location for 'R Repository'. Download of this R software is only authorized for use with Teradata Aster software. For use with any other Teradata products, download the R software from