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Teradata AI Unlimited Jupyter Kernel


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Teradata AI Unlimited Jupyter

Teradata AI Unlimited Jupyter provide extensions to the JupyterLab platform to enhance the user experience connecting, orchestrating and executing SQL statements on Teradata AI Unlimited . These extensions include the Teradata SQL Kernel, Navigator and Connection Manager.

In addition, in the Docker image, we have bundled the Teradata driver for Python and teradataml library as well as the Teradata driver for R and tdplyr library. The teradataml and tdplyr libraries contain the analytic functions that interact with Teradata in the Python and R languages respectively.

The SQL Kernel Provides:

  • Teradata AI Unlimited orchestration and management of the projects and engines using custom magic commands

  • Integration with Github to support project execution

  • Connection management to add, remove, connect, and list connections

  • Query engine that uses embedded Teradata SQL driver

  • SQL aware notebook with SQL content assist and syntax checking

  • Result set renderer that displays result data in easy to read, scrollable grid

  • Execution history that stores execution metadata to recall SQL commands at a later time

  • Visualization using Vega library to display charts, graphs, plots, etc.

  • Support for basic data load from a file 

  • Preference settings allow users to modify logging options for the SQL kernel

  • Magic commands that provide additional custom kernel options to enhance the Teradata user experience

The Navigator Provides:

  • The ability to explore the Advanced SQL Engine catalog, regardless of the language you are using in your notebook (SQL, Python, R).

  • Hierarchical display of SQL object-relational model

  • Column metadata showing data type and indexes

  • Row Count, Show DDL, Refresh, Sample Data, Profiling Information, and Column Distribution menu options

The Connection Manager Provides:

  • Connection management to add, remove, edit, copy, list, and test connections

  • User interface that is independent of the SQL notebook

  • Connections that are shared with the Navigator and SQL notebooks

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Teradata AI Unlimited Jupyter Kernel