Vantage Editor Desktop


Vantage Editor Desktop

Vantage Editor Desktop is an easy to install, lightweight SQL Editor that offers a simple and intuitive user experience for connecting to Teradata and running queries.

With the Vantage Editor Desktop you can:

  • Manage connections to SQL Engine 17.20 and above
  • Create, edit, run, rename and save SQL statements and scripts
  • View, sort, filter and download query results
  • View, sort, search, query history and copy/paste for re-execution
  • Export/import query history between Vantage Editor instances
  • Browse database objects, mark favorites as starred, view detailed object insights
  • Upload limited data into existing tables
  • Manage panel size and visibility
  • Adjust and set defaults for various features
  • View in-product help

View the FAQ for more information  Vantage Editor FAQ
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Vantage Editor Desktop