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Teradata JDBC Driver Teradata Studio Teradata Studio Express
.NET Data Provider Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio
ODBC Driver ( Windows | LinuxSolaris | AIX | HP-UX | Mac) OLE DB Provider
Vantage Modules for Jupyter
Teradata SQL Driver for Python Teradata SQL Driver Dialect for SQLAlchemy Teradata Python Package - teradataml
Teradata SQL Driver for R Teradata R Package - tdplyr
Teradata on VMware Developer Tier Teradata Express (VMware) Teradata on VMware Developer Tier Preconfigured
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TTU Windows Install TTU Linux Install CLIv2 ( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | HP-UX )
Teradata Wallet ( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | HP-UX ) Teradata Mapping Manager Teradata Warehouse Miner
DBQL Scripts Teradata XML Services Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type
Oracle UDFs TDBench 8.0 for any DBMS Vantage( MLE Analytics Examples )
Teradata Geospatial Open Source/Licenses R Repository - Open Source R
Aster Client Tools ( Windows | LinuxSolaris | AIX | Mac ) Aster Development Environment Aster Express for VMware
Aster Analytics Software ( AsterR | Extensions for KNIME ) Aster Analytics ( Custom Schema Installer | Uninstall | Examples | POC )

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1.0  -  27 Jan 2005

Is_numeric() UDF checks a field to see if it converts to a Teradata numeric value. one use would be for the ETL process to use the UDF to check incoming data that's destined for DECIMAL and INTEGER columns.

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1.0  -  17 Jan 2005

SQL Scalar UDF that writes varbyte or varchar arg to MQ.

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1.0  -  22 Jun 2004

In-place compression UDF. Compress column value for VARCHARs and BLOBS. Similar to zipping the column before inserting. Can also be used for encrypting data in the database. After compression data is unreadable until uncompressed.

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1.0  -  22 Jun 2004

Teradata UDFs for popular IBM DB2 functions.

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1.0  -  22 Jun 2004

UDFs for Byte operations, such as bitwise AND, OR, XOR, NOT, SHIFT, and conversion of a byte value to character.