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Bring Your Own Model Overview

The ability to score H2O MOJO OpenSource and Driverless AI (DAI) models has been added to the BYOM product via the H2OPredict function.  While there are no extra steps necessary to use the function to score H2O MOJO OpenSource models, there is a requirement to have a license key from H2O to be able to score the Driverless AI models.  This license key must be inserted into a Teradata table and used within the query to score H2O MOJO DAI models. provides an option of encrypting the H2O DAI license key before inserting it to the license table in the Teradata database. Simply follow the instructions given in the encrypt_readme.txt file to generate the encrypted license key string and insert that into the Teradata table. This script can only be run on a Linux or macOS machine. contains the examples in the user guide.  Once extracted you will have a folder for pmml_models, h2o_models, inputData, and the SQL queries used to run the examples.  More information is contained in the userexamples_readme.txt.

For additional information, please refer to the Teradata Vantage - Bring Your Own Model User Guide (B700-1111-051K)