Teradata Plugin for Dataiku


Teradata Vantage users that also use the Dataiku platform (www.dataiku.com) can establish connections from Dataiku to Teradata Vantage systems, and run a variety of analytic tasks with data in Vantage.

The Teradata plugin enhances Dataiku’s built-in interaction capabilities with Teradata Vantage systems. The plugin provides visual recipes with wrappers for select Teradata Vantage ClearScape Analytics. These recipes facilitate scaled in-Database Analytics with your Vantage data by pushing operations into Teradata Vantage through the user-friendly interface of the Dataiku environment.

The Teradata plugin can be installed directly from within Dataiku. It is also available through the Dataiku Plugin Store at:

Visit the above page for complete, up-to-date information about the latest plugin version and features, as well as exhaustive documentation about the current plugin version. 

Note: Teradata plugin versions >= 2.0.0 are not backwards-compatible with older versions of the former individual Teradata plugins for Dataiku. To update any Dataiku workflows with pre-v.2.0.0 plugins recipes in them, the old recipes need to be replaced with a post-v.2.0.0 recipe.

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Teradata Plugin for Dataiku