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Teradata Plugins for Dataiku

Teradata Plugins for Dataiku release

Teradata Vantage users can establish Dataiku ( connections to target Vantage systems to perform a variety of tasks with data in Vantage.

Teradata has created plugins for Dataiku that expand and enhance the built-in interaction capabilities of DSS (Dataiku's Data Science Studio) with Teradata Vantage systems. Recipes within the plugins provide select Vantage analytic tools wrappers, so that you can push the corresponding operations into Vantage in a visual and SQL-less manner in the user-friendly style of the DSS environment. 

Teradata currently supports 3 plugins for Dataiku, as shown in the following. Visit each link for details and to download the corresponding plugin.

          Teradata Advanced SQL Engine Functions Plugin for Dataiku

          Teradata SCRIPT Table Operator Plugin for Dataiku

          Teradata BYOM Plugin for Dataiku

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Teradata Plugins for Dataiku