Connectivity covers the mechanisms for connecting to the Teradata Database, including driver connectivity via JDBC or ODBC.

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Teradata CLIv2 for MP-RAS
CLIv2 Debug Facility and Wire Protocol

This article introduces CLIv2 debug facility and describes Client and Teradata DBS server wire protocol. There are two parts of this article. The first part is to cover how to setup CLIv2 debug facility. It includes the setting of many environment variables that activate different function of CLIv2 debug facility. The second part is to describe the contents generated by CLIv2 debug facility. It covers messages and parcels sent and received between Client and DBS servers.

Using SQuirrel SQL Client with Teradata

Teradata offers many ways to connect and query our database with our Tools and Utilities(TTU) package - BTEQ, BTEQWin, SQLA and the TD Eclipse plug-in.
These are great tools and we're here to promote them and help you get the most from them. But we're techies too and we understand that there are times when you want to use your own tool of choice. We get it and we're here to help you with this option as well.

Jazz up ResultSets with a Swing JTable

HTML boasts a wide range of features to present data to end users. Add in the various frameworks that “sit on top” of HTML and the web represents a rich and powerful environment through which information may be delivered to end users.

While the web is a powerful environment, there are times when a windows based application might be better suited to the task at hand. This article presents a Java class library that makes this a lot easier.