About this download

The Teradata SCRIPT Table Operator (STO) plugin for Dataiku allows end users to leverage the STO object in the Vantage Advanced SQL Engine Database.
STO enables pushing R and Python scripts into the Database, and executing the scripts natively in the Database nodes. One thus benefits from scaled performance
through execution of script instances across all Database processing units. The Teradata SCRIPT Table Operator plugin for Dataiku facilitates pushing down
and execution of STO custom-built R or Python code from
     (a) notebooks built in Dataiku DSS, or
     (b) external script files stored in DSS managed folders.

The plugin also allows you to push down to the Database any supplementary files that may be needed by your script, such as R or Python model files.
Note that Dataiku DSS itself also supports ANSI SQL push-down for most of their data preprocessing visual recipes.

For system requirements and further details, refer to the README file and the plugin user guide PDF document.