Teradata BYOM Plugin for Dataiku


The Teradata BYOM plugin facilitates "bringing your own model" to the Vantage Advanced SQL Engine Database and scoring your data that are stored in Database tables with saved models in select formats. This plugin's features enable Dataiku users to take advantage of the Vantage massively parallel scoring capabilities by using models previously trained in Dataiku or other platforms.

Specifically, the Teradata BYOM plugin contains 2 Dataiku recipes to

     1. Enable you to store PMML-formatted Dataiku models into Vantage tables.

     2. Score data in Database tables from the convenience of your Dataiku project. The plugin currently supports PMML- and H2O MOJO-formatted models you have previously
         stored in the Database.


The present plugin has been tested with Vantage 2.0.

For system requirements and further details, refer to the README file and the plugin user guide PDF document.

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Teradata BYOM Plugin for Dataiku