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The Teradata SQL Driver for Python enables Python applications to connect to the Teradata Vantage Advanced SQL Engine.

Bring Your Own Model Overview

Teradata Python Package Product Overview

I have installed python from Anaconda Continuum and later installed teradata module

conda install teradata

It installed successfully then ran the hello world program like this


This article describes how to combine exploratory analytics and operational analytics within the Teradata Unified Data architecture (UDA). The UDA is a logical and physical architecture that adds a data lake platform to complement the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse. In the Teradata advocated solution, the data lake platform can either be Hadoop or a Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform optimized for storage and processing of big data. Query Grid is an orchestration mechanism that supports seamless integration of multiple types of purpose built analytic engines within the UDA.

I have (what appears to be) an encoding issue using pyodbc -- Perl works without issue and is using the same ODBC drivers. 
python code:

import pyodbc
pyodbc.pooling = False
conn = pyodbc.connect('DSN=tera01;', password=pw)

   I have installed teradata python module with python 3.5.1 version. I'm calling a teradata SP that return CLOB and some VARCHAR parameters. The SP in out parameters are shown below,
TPTCLOB_Generate  (
         IN iProcess_Name            VARCHAR(30)
  ,IN iDebug_Level             BYTEINT

Error Using teradata client for centos 6/7 php/python/unixODBC

I'm geting "Not enough information to log on" error message when trying to connect using the Teradata Python module, pypyodbc or SQL Assistant ODBC.
Using Teradata Python:
session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", system=***,username=***, password=***);
*** - hide the real values.
Using pypyodbc:


Can anyone share instructions to install teradata ODBC driver in cygwin enviroment.

I am trying to install and tryout Teradata for Python Module  and getting the following error.

I believe this is because of missing ODBC. 


I was able to run a python script using SCRIPT_COMMAND like the following example: http://www.info.teradata.com/htmlpubs/DB_TTU_15_00/index.html#page/SQL_Reference/B035_1145_015K/Table_Operators.087.31.html
My question is: can a python interpreter/distribution be deployed into the Teradata infrastructure?

On the Teradata Connections website, a new group has been created to foster and encourage discussion, ideas exchange and help with issues on the topic of R and Python Analytics with the SCRIPT Table Operator. Visit:

The R and Python programming languages are very popular for statistical and mathematical tasks, and notable examples of open source software for analytics.

Hi Guys,
I am strugling to connnect teradata usning python. I have a user ID and password in text file and i need to read the test file to connect to teradata.. could you please help me with theb syntax if anyone has already done this

I'm generally more of a forum lurker, but every once in a while I get something working that doesn't readily work out of the box the way you'd expect and feel that its worth posting about to ease the path of others (and maybe leave a trail for Google to scan so I don't have to remember where I left my notes!)

I'm a Python dev for the past couple of years and connecting to PostgreSQL using the psycopg2 module.
Now, I'm using Teradata Aster, as my training, I tried creating a simple sql-mr function using a python. Given the table, the sql-mr will populate the tables with random values.
What do I need to connect to a Aster Database?


A problem that I have been coming across is that when I connect to Teradata via a third-party programming language (whether that be Python or C), the Teradata session does not terminate until the system times out even though I explicitly close the ODBC connection.  The following is an excerpt from my code:


Windows setup: tdodbc__windows_i386. (tdicu, TeraGSS, tdodbc), Python-2.7.3, pyodbc-3.0.3


I am able to extract data from using tdxodbc.  The following piece of python code also works fine -- 



>>> import pyodbc

Ok the setup is RHEL 5 with unixODBC 2.2.11 python 2.4 using pyodbc 2.1.5

I have followed the instructions located here:


To try and get this working but with no luck. I can get sql server and mysql working and everything like that but just can't get teradata to work. I've tried downloading and using the 13.0 bundle and the 13.10 bundle linking the files and everything like that. When i look at the trace it looks like this:

SQLHENV 0x13a13830

Hi guys I am a beginner and received an email from Oracle regarding JavaOne & Oracle Develop conference 2011 to be held in Hyderabad..

Actifact Corp is looking for a Teradata developer for a immediate contract position with our client in Orlando, FL. The contract is initially for 6 months but may be extended depending on candidate performance and client work.

Has anyone ever connected a Python based script to Teradata using the ODBC driver on Linux? We have a Sales Consultant trying to work with a prospect and getting seg faults while using the ODBC driver.
ODBC connect string for Teradata Express 12.0: