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16 Mar 2015

 The recording for the presentation can be found at: 

download icon  -  30 Oct 2014

This package contains the Aster Development Environment download packages and documentation.

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6.00.01  -  06 Oct 2014

Aster Express for VMware Player download packages.  These are the virtual images required to create an Aster cluster consisting of a Queen node and a Worker node on your PC.

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Download the Aster Connector for Informatica 9.5. Additional information can be found in the README file.

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This package contains the Aster Lens Installer which allows the user to install the the Aster Lens product.  Aster Lens is a web-based application for viewing visualizations created by Teradata Aster’s SQL-MR visualization functions.

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This package contains the Aster client tools.

download icon,,  -  29 Jul 2014

This package contains the Aster client tools for AIX.


Release numbering for all of the above will follow this convention:



  • XX is a major release
  • YY is a minor release
  • ZZ is a maintenance release
  • nn is an efix or hotpatch

We use this terminology:

download icon  -  28 Jun 2013

This package contains the Aster Analytics Beta Functions

download icon  -  14 Jan 2013

The Aster JDBC Driver enables Java applications to connect to the Aster Database. See the README file in the download package for more details. Information about how to use the driver is available in the “Aster Database User Guide” and the “Aster Platform Matrix” Documents.