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Aster Express


Aster Express is a fully functioning Aster Analytics environment. It will allow you to build tables, load data into those tables, and run over 100 prebuilt Aster Analytics functions. Aster Express can be used by developer, testers, and anyone who is interested in learning more about Aster Analytics functionality. Aster Express is not licensed for production use.


Aster Express VMware®: [Aster Express 6.10 for VMware]

This version runs on Microsoft desktop on a couple of VMWare images. This software limits the amount of data you can move into the environment to 17GB of data.


Hardware requirements (minimum):

4 GB memory

20 GB free disk space

CPU should be 64 bit support capable


Software requirements (minimum):

OS: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (7+)

VMware Player: Open a browser to run the download and install the free VMware Player

7-Zip: To extract (or uncompressed) the Aster Express package


Aster Express for VMware Recommended Software

The following software is strongly recommended to enrich the Aster Express for VMware experience. The great news is that most/all of it is free.


Visit this Link to download the following:

VMware Player 7.0

Web Browser (FireFox)


FTP Tool (FireFTP)

Teradata Studio

SSH/Terminal Software




This is an old version. We recommend that you watch the page for a demo version of TDAP when it’s released, so you can bridge to TDAP when ready. An announcement will be posted in our Data Science Community once this is ready.


For more details, visit the Data Science Community


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Aster Express