Aster Client Tools for MacOS


This package contains the Aster client tools for MacOS.


Release numbering for all of the above will follow this convention:



  • XX is a major release
  • YY is a minor release
  • ZZ is a maintenance release
  • nn is an efix or hotpatch

We use this terminology:

  • major release: Major releases of Aster typically introduce new features.
  • minor release: Point releases of Aster typically provide feature enhancements and bug fixes. A point release may also introduce new features.
  • maintenance release: Maintenance releases of Aster typically provide only bug fixes. They may also include feature enhancements.
  • efix or hotpatch: Hotpatch releases are introduced to address customer issues of an urgent nature.


Example of efix application to major/minor releases:

  • An efix is a fix for part of the product. It may not function by itself.
    • E.g., the AIX 64-bit AC efix only includes the following: ACT, ADFS client, JDBC driver, and Third party licenses. It doesn't include other drivers and utilities such as ODBC.
  • If you would like to use the latest drivers and utilities for AC 6.0, you will need to follow these steps:
    • Install AC with all its drivers and utilities.
    • Check the AC README to see whether any additional packages are needed then follow the README to apply the efix.
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Aster Client Tools for MacOS