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Developer Tier is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and Teradata Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. Developer Edition software consists of a template and associated property files and scripts. When a Developer Edition virtual machine is deployed, it operates as a fully functional instance of the configured Teradata Database. Once deployed by the VMware administrator, Developer Tier can be used to evaluate Teradata on VMware and the Teradata Database.
Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Developer Tier virtual machines.

Download Teradata Express for VMware, a free, fully-functional Teradata database, that can be up and running on your system in minutes. For TDE 14.0, please read the launch announcement, and the user guide. For previous versions, read the general introduction to the new Teradata Express family, or learn how to install and configure Teradata Express for VMware.

I'm working with the TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp on VMware.   Everything but Viewpoint is working just fine.   I've run "start Viewpoint"  (also stop and start a few times).   Whenever I start up Firefox, I get the message I reference.   Has anyone else run into this problem?

The most convenient and trouble-free network setting for VMware images is NAT. The default setting useDHCP for the  VMs meaning that when more then one VM gets started (like in UDA or when palying with Hadoop clusters) IP addresses get randomized.

Greetings Experts,
I have downloaded and installed the   TDExpress15.00.01_Sles10_40GB_vp  on VMware-player-7.1.0-2496824
I am trying to setup alerts for sending email.  How to configure the SMTP Host and the Email-address on the VM.

I'm trying to run Aster Express on my Macbook. I have VMWare Fusion. I set up the network using these following instructions (http://donaldaly.blogspot.com/2012/12/running-teradata-aster-express-on.html).

However, my NIC's are no good. What can I do?

I've been trying to download the TDE for VMware (4GB). Its not downloading. Are they unavailable at present. Are the VMware versions of Teradata Express for 64 bit the only option? They seem to be problem prone.

Hi Experts,

I am using a VMWare download from this site with name -> TDExpress14.0Sles10_4GB on my Windows 7 SP1 64bit desktop PC.

Teradata is announcing new Teradata Express 14.10 images. These new images are at patch level which represents the current shipping version of Teradata 14.10. This gives you access to the recently released Teradata 14.10 database for your test and development needs.


Teradata Express for VMware Player (TDE-V) is a free, fully operational Teradata Virtual Machine with up to one terabyte of storage. Imagine being able to install a fully operational Teradata database on your PC and be running queries in five minutes, easy as 1-2-3.

I am using VMWare Teradata 14.00 - 4 GB to test out certain functionality.
While loading a file into a database table, i am getting following error.

TPT_INFRA: TPT05004: CLI error 224 in connecting session (function ConnectSession).

Hi All ,
I have successfully installed Teradata Express 14.0 VMWare image.  I was also successful in logging in and checking that BTEQ is available.

We are pleased to announce the availability of 4GB and 1TB versions of Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware, joining the previously available 40GB version. Please visit the Teradata Express for VMware download page or read the launch announcement for more details.

Teradata Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of new Teradata Express versions based on our recently released version 14.0 of the Teradata database. The Teradata Express program is a freely licensed virtual instance of the Teradata database. It is fully functional for evaluation, test and development purposes.

Teradata Express for VMware (TDE-V) is a free, fully operational Teradata VM with up to one terabyte of storage. Imagine being able to install a fully operational Teradata database on your PC and be running queries in five minutes, easy as 1-2-3.

Is there a workaround for the following error. There is no BIOS option to enable Virtualization on my laptop.  

We are very excited to introduce the Aster Express for VMware Player images.  Much like the very popular Teradata Express program, these downloadable Aster virtual images will provide customers with a free evaluation version of the Aster analytic platform that can be run on their PC.  While this Express edition is not licensed for production usage, it is a fully functional Aster cluster that is a great tool for developers and testers or anyone else who wants a hands-on introduction to this Big Data analytics platform.  Over the coming weeks and months here on Teradata's Developer Exchange, we will be publishing Aster tutorials, along with sample datasets, that will highlight the powers of this exciting platform.

Aster Express virtual images are now available for downloading to your PC so that you can run an Aster cluster.  After installing VMware Player and downloading the Aster Queen and Worker images (see the Introduction to Aster Express article), you're ready to bring the Aster cluster to life! 

We have TD express for VMware installed on a Red Hat server.  The database is running and we can login to it using BTEQ in Linux.  We located the IP address of the database using ifconfig, but we can not connect to it or ping it from an external PC client.

We've run into a snag trying to import the Teradata 12 1 TB VM into our enterprise vSphere 4.0 VMWare environment. When we import the VM as is, it shows in the list as sles10 (invalid) and cannot be used. We then ran it through the conversion utility that VMWare provides while converting to thin disks (as we don't have 1TB of disk available right now). This failed at 56% with a non-descript error. We re-ran the conversion and it failed again at roughly the same point.

We are successful with installing, running, loading, quering VMware 12.0 on WMware Server 2.0.

Now I would like to run Teradata on VMware ESXi 4.0.

Has anyone does this? Is there a version that runns on ESXi?

Hi all,

Anyone knowing the source(URL) of this file: ""

It is a VMWare VM Image, having SLES 10 and TD DB installed on it, with TTU 13


When first installing Teradata Express for your VMware or Amazon EC2 environment, there are some basic configuration steps that we need to make based on the IP addresses that are given to the instance when it is started.

I have installed Teradata 13 on VMWare and trying to play around with it but have a few issues with bteq (being slow and hanging after a missing semicoln and so on).

When I like to extend the TD13 1TB edition with additional software using the standard Yast client and add additional SLES10 repositories (or try to install RPMs directly) I get the error message, that the ZMD demon (/etc/init.d/novell-zmd) is not running. When trying to start it manually it concludes without error, but the status is always dead...

After a month and half of flawless execution, my TD13 Express VMware installation (as downloaded from Teradata) has begun to flake out on me. Every couple of days it stops responding to network connections and has to be restarted from within VMWare.

VMWare reports the image as using all available CPU power during these events.

I've worked with both versions a bit, and TD12 (not the database, just the image itself) takes a LOT longer to start up than the equivalent TD13 version (I'm using 1TB versions of each). I've configured them the same (cpu, memory, network).

Any thoughts as to why 12 is so much slower than 13?


Let's see how to make the Teradata Express for VMware (TDE-V) image easily accessible for moving flat files to and from the image.

I got TD13 Express 1TB running in VMWare under Snow Leopard. Connect great with local linux utilities (bteq, tpt, etc...) Does anyone know how to external clients to connect into my VMWare instance via IP? Or is it forever a local sandbox? It must be a VMWare setting???


Teradata Express for VMware (TDE-V) is a free, fully operational Teradata VM with up to one terabyte of storage. Imagine being able to install a fully operational Teradata database on your PC and be running queries in five minutes, easy as 1-2-3.

The Teradata Express program offers customers a free evaluation version of the Teradata database as a download from Teradata.com.  While the Express edition is not licensed for production usage and is not officially supported, this is a fully functional Teradata database that is a great tool for developers and testers working on their Teradata projects or other who want hands-on learning with Teradata. 

Click here for download information.