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About this download
Developer Tier is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and Teradata Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. Developer Edition software consists of a template and associated property files and scripts. 
Teradata Developer Tier (Preconfigured) is a simplified version of Teradata Database Developer tier that allows you to deploy Teradata Database on VMware quickly and easily using the OVA template. Networking is already configured to use DHCP, and you can add storage to the system. 

To enable additional Teradata Database features or use additional Teradata applications, see Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier Getting Started Guide or Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide.

Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Developer Tier virtual machines.

Getting Started

Please see the Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier Preconfigured Getting Started Guide