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VantageCore VMware Developer Tier and Developer Tier Preconfigured


Developer Tier is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and the Analytics Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. There are two variants of the Developer Tier including a Preconfigured version and the regular version.

Developer Tier (Preconfigured) is a simplified version of VantageCore VMware Developer Tier that allows you to deploy the Analytics Database quickly and easily using the OVA template. Networking is already configured to use DHCP, and you can add storage to the system. The Preconfigured version enables you to deploy only the Database and the instructions are available in a separate user manual on this download page.

The full Developer Tier consists of an OVA file template and associated property files and scripts for deploying the Teradata Database and the associated Teradata ecosystem products. Once deployed by the VMware administrator, Developer Tier can be used to evaluate the VantageCore VMware and the Analytics Database and the associated ecosystem products.


Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Developer Tier virtual machines.


The Linux OVA contains Teradata Studio, Teradata version of Jupyter Lab, Apache Superset and instructions (with a script) to install Precog on the OVA after it's installed. 

To get the Jupyter access token, login as user "tdc" and run "docker ps" to view the running images. Next run "docker logs <jupyter image id>" to view the Jupyter access token. 

The login and password for the Linux OVA is tdc/teradata2022

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Getting Started

The first task is to decide whether you want to deploy the preconfigured version or the regular version of Developer Tier. Then, you must download the Developer Tier template and the manual for the version you wish to deploy. If you are deploying the full version, you'll need to also download the install scripts and desired ecosystem products from the download center.

You will need the following technical requirements and components to run Developer Tier.


Component Requirements

VMware ESXi version ESXi 6.x, 7.x


Datastore space for template deployment:  Teradata Database: 30 GB minimum


vCenter management

• VMware administrator privileges

• vCenter Standard version (must support ESXi 6.x or 7.x servers)

• vCenter 6.x or 7.x


Note: There is a known issue with tdvm-init on the 17.10 Developer Tier OVA image that causes the tdvm-init script to fail. To work around this issue, run the command "mkdir -p /etc/opt/teradata/telm/tmp" and then run the command "touch /etc/opt/teradata/telm/tmp/.dttmpp"
After running those commands run "python tdvm-init" to configure VantageCore VMware Developer Tier.


Linux VMware x86 64-bit
OS version
Release version

Technical Details

  • Version
  • Released
  • TTU
  • OS
  • Teradata

VantageCore VMware Developer Tier and Developer Tier Preconfigured