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Working with XMLTABLE, problem extracting data where elements have no prefixes/namespaces
I am working on an XML parsing requirement using XML Table.  I am running into a problem with data from elements with no namespaces or prefixes.  Extraction using XMLTable doesn't seem to work.  Extraction from elements with prefixes seem to work normally.  Say I have an XML below (not actual as I am working with sensitive data):
xml xmltable namespace
Install XML tools on Teradata Express Studio
Hi, I am very new to Teradata Aster Express. I want to load XML files into Teradata database but I am unable to figure out how to install XML tools on express. Any guidance would be appreciated. 
xml teradataexpress
How to resolve 'string contains untranslatable character' while using XMLAGG in Teradata
I am trying to use XMLAGG to transpose the row-wise data to comma separated value in Teradata 15. Its working fine with English (LATIN character set) characters. But while I am using other characters (Unicode character set) I am getting 'string contains untranslatable character' error. Please suggest how to resolve the issue.
teradata XMLAGG sql string contains untranslatable character xml
Loading XML files in Aster
Hi, I need to load an xml file in Aster Database I need to use functions like XMLParser OR XMLRelation. But both the above functions need a table as input. So how do I get this xml file into a table   Thanks, Jeetu  
xml XMLParser XMLRelation
SELECT Failed. [7548] Insufficient memory to complete the XML operation
- version Teradata 14.10 - stored a 6Mb .xml file to a XML column (XML_col) on a row - dbc control:  284.  MaxXML_MemoryLimit = 128 MB (4 - 128, Default 32) - SELECT XML_col.EXISTSNODE('/tag', '')  results in subject error.  - SELECT XML_col.ISDOCUMENT() returns 1 - SELECT XML_col.ISCONTENT() returns 1
xml insufficient
Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type
The XML Data type, introduced in Teradata 14.10, provides the following new capabilities:
xml shredding xpath
XML error
Hello Folks I am trying to load XML data in a XML data type column .But getting error while loading data into it.  CREATE SET TABLE XMIL_CHECK_S ,NO FALLBACK ,      NO BEFORE JOURNAL,
XML namespaces; Use namespace of the parent
Questions about teradata XML. (Teradata 14.10)   Is it possible to define namespace prefix only once - in the parent element - and then reuse it in child elements? This is example of valid XML, that I use for illustration.
Teradata XML Services
Teradata XML Services provide assistance in database transformation of XML structures to and from relational structures. This is primarily an enterprise fit feature. XML in this context is regarded as a data format that is used to describe incoming or outgoing warehouse data. A key concept for this feature is that we are not transforming to store XML but rather to maintain a relational data model or to integrate relational data into an enterprise XML message structure! The relational data model is bested suited for enterprise analytics. XML structures are best suited for enterprise integration.
xml shredding xpath
Special charcters/XML
Hi Experts, Need  ur suggestions in Updating XML string  present in table by first adding 2  column tags in it. for e.g
xml special charcters