Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type


The XML Data type, introduced in Teradata 14.10, provides the following new capabilities:
A new XML data type that allows you to store XML content in a compact binary form that preserves the information set of the XML document, including the hierarchy information and type information derived from XML validation
Functions and methods on the XML type that support common XML operations like parsing, validation, transformation (XSLT) and Query (XPath and XQuery)
Supports the XQuery query language for querying and transforming XML content
Supports the following SQL/XML functions and stored procedures:
Removes the requirement to map between hierarchical and relational models prior to storing the XML contents. Previously, this was required when using the XML shredding and publishing functionality in Teradata XML Services.
Provides the ability to preserve document identity. In contrast, the shredding facility that Teradata XML Services supports only extracts the values out of the XML document without retaining the document identity.
Provides a compact method for storing XML content where the internal representation is 5~10 times smaller than the original text representation.
Provides standard query language support for querying XML using XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0.
Provides a more efficient method for parsing, transforming and querying XML content.
Integrates the functionality in the Teradata XML Services offering into Teradata Database using syntax that conforms to the ANSI SQL/XML specification.
The XML type accommodates values up to 2GB in size. However, operations like XSLT and XQuery, which load documents into memory, are only supported on documents that are smaller in size, where the processing operation does not require more memory than specified by the XML_MemoryLimit DBS Control field. This field caps the amount of memory available for XML operations so that these operations do not strain memory resources. A pseudo-streaming version of XQuery is allowed on large documents via the XMLEXTRACT method on the XML type.
XML path indexes are not supported.
XML schemas and XSLT stylesheets are not managed by Teradata Database.
Schema and Stylesheet Consolidation Utility

The Schema and Stylesheet consolidation utility  is available for download as a zip file on this page. There is one significant change in this utility compared to the user documentation. The user documentation speaks of two executables ConsolidateSchema.exe and ConsolidateStylesheet.exe. In this version of the utility the two have been combined into a single executable csldgen.exe. The Readme.txt file included in the zip file gives more details regarding the need for schema and stylesheet consolidation and how to perform such consolidation. This utility is only relevant if your schemas and stylesheets use imports and includes.

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Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type