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The Teradata JDBC Driver enables Java applications to connect to the Teradata Database.

It is  the first time that I am trying to install JDBC Driver 15.10... How to setup the correct path installation of these drivers (  terajdbc4.jar     ,   tdgssconfig.jar  ) in a WIn7 (64bit)
I don't have the option to access what it is said in the followinf link 

Hi All,
I am trying to perform bulk insert operation on teradata database in java. But It taking lot of time. I am doing this insertion in batches. I have explore the FASTLOAD Parmeter also. But it is for laoding huge amount of data or to perform insertion in EMPTY TABLE.
I want to peform bulk insert in existing Table.

Hi All,
one of my customer sent me a query generate by JDBC driver to get some metadata. the execution of the query is not performant. I analyse the query and find that the where condition on databasename and tablename are write with LIKE (below I report only the where condition part of the query):

This reference guide provides information about the Teradata JDBC Driver, which is a Teradata Tools and Utilities product. A set of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.

Hello, I could not find the Teradata JDBC driver user guide for TTU 13.10 nor for TTU 14.  I am specifically looking for the install steps and the variables (classpath) values that need to be set.

This package provides examples of programs that can be used as a guide for purposes of developing JDBC applications solely for use with the Teradata Database, and is provided as an illustration of how JDBC functions operate with the Teradata Database.

Download the Teradata JDBC Driver This release of the JDBC driver is backwards compatible with previous releases back to Teradata Database V2R6.0.