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Teradata JDBC Driver
The Teradata JDBC Driver enables Java applications to connect to the Teradata Database.
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Studio 15.11 Available for Download
Teradata Studio Express, Teradata Studio, and Teradata Plug-in for Eclips
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Problem during acceesing the function created on the top of the JAR file installed on the database
Hi Tom, We are in process of creating a Java user defined Function and in order to achieve that  we have deployed the JAR File in the database and  creating a function/procedure on the top of it  using the below two approaches :  
java judf eclipse Wizard
Java external stored procedure returns ResultSet - how to insert this contents to a (temporary) table
Hallo all, I have created a Java external procedure that returns a dynamic result set. I can successfully call it and it returns the correct data. Now how can I store this returned data to a new (temporary) table?
java stored procedure resultset table
Errors obtaining jdbc:default:connection from external Java stored procedure
I wrote a Java stored procedure, packed it into a jar and installed it into the Teradata database. I want to use the default database connection as described here [1]. Most of the code was generated by the Teradata wizard for stored procedures.  
jdbc external stored procedure java connectivity
Teradata Studio Express Install is not recognizing finding my Java JRE
my command line "java -version" returns a found java jre: "java version "1.8.0_66" java (tm) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_66-b18) java hotspot(TM) client VM (build 25.66-b18, mixed mode) And when I click through my windows explorer, I can find java.exe in here: c:\program files (x86)\java\jdk1.8.0_66\bin
java jre studio install NOT FOUND not recognized
Teradata Studio: Teradata's Administration Toolkit
Teradata Studio is an administrative tool to help Teradata customers administer their Teradata and Aster Database systems.
studio administration tool eclipse java linux mac Teradata Analyst Pack (replaces)
Teradata Studio Express
Teradata Studio Express is an information discovery tool that retrieves data from Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop Database systems and allows the data to be manipulated and stored on the desktop.
studio express query tool eclipse java linux mac Teradata Analyst Pack (replaces)
Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 15.10 now available
Teradata’s latest and greatest Eclipse offering has been released and is available in the Teradata Developer Exchange download section at Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse . The 15.10 release builds on the 15.00.02 offering by boasting increased functionality.
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Sqoop export fails with untranslatable character error
HI, we have a sqoop job that exports data to Teradata hourly. Sometimes job fails with untranslatable character error. We would like to know, if there is any Java Function to check if the string is translatable by teradata. This is of higher priority. Please let us know, if there are any questions.
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