Teradata Mapping Manager


Teradata Mapping Manager is a Java-based desktop application/tool used by our professional services consultants to aid in the mapping of data and requirements. The mapping metadata is stored in a Teradata database.

It is available for use by Teradata licensees at no charge although it is not covered by normal Teradata software maintenance and support agreements.

Other documentation:

  1. A list of new features and/or bug fixes in the latest release is available in the "What's new in TMM?" article.
  2. A high-level list of application features is available in the Data Sheet (link above)
  3. Installation and other information is available in the TMM Getting Started guide (link above).
  4. Self-paced, hands-on training available in TMM Tutorial (link above)

For community support, please visit the Tools Forum.

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Teradata Mapping Manager