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SQL Assistant 15.00 TD Doesn't Properly read first Parameter Key Topic by 31_resu 01 Sep 2016

Hi TD Forum,
I am running on TD Ver 14, and have SQL Assistant 15.00, and when I run a query that has a prompt for two dates to be inout bythe user, the paramter promts of something like:
where date_col between '?date1' and '?date2'

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Error: "The installation of shared ICU-32 bit appears to have failed. Do you want to continue?" Topic by Insaf 08 Sep 2015 error, installation and configure help

I wanted to install from this link Teradata tool and utilities - base 15.00000 but get error "The installation of shared ICU-32 bit appears to have failed. Do you want to continue?"
Restart of installation didnt help. I`m using win7 32 bit.

4 replies, 5 years ago
Teradata SQL Assistant - Multiple Answer Window Tiles Merge Topic by mannkothari 21 Jan 2016 sql assistant, Multiple answerset

I am using SQL Assistant, and i want to change settings for multiple answerset. Currently its opening in multiple tiles, making 4 tiles - 1 for Query,1 for History and 2 for Answerset(more depend on queries). How can we merge Answer set in one tile with multiple Tabs, the way multiple Query window works. Please guide.

3 replies, 5 years ago
Incremental Data Load/CDC using Teradata Utility Topic by sam_coderunner2 08 Sep 2016

I'm new to Teradata, I would want to know if there is any utlity within Teradata which allows user to capture changed data from database. The identification of changed data should be done at system log level whenever a DML has fired in recent past and not in query level where an exisiting column in the database is already capturing change capture data time stamp.

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TPT Multiple JobVar files Topic by ColinPretty 06 Sep 2016 #TPT

Hi there,
I'm new to TPT and have got it working.  I'm wanting to use Job Variable files to house things such as username and password and have got this working with the main script by using tbuild -f and -v.

2 replies, 5 years ago
FastLoad - Data Conversions Topic by ZAtkinso 07 Sep 2016

I am having issues performing data conversions specially with dates and timestamps while using fastload. My script is pasted below. All my rows are being imported and sent to error_1 table because of column CLR_DT with error 2665. My table is being is created before using the fastload utility. Any commentary is appreciated.
Destination Table DDL:

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Arcmain Topic by arteaga7 06 Sep 2016 arcmain

I need to perform a database backup but I am not able to find a place to download the tool or a package containing the tool. I think it might be included in a previous version of the utilities but I am not able to find the previous versions download? Would somebody be so kind to help? 

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BTEQ:saving output in multiple file Topic by vc 06 Sep 2016

Hello All.
I am writing a bteq which is saving the output in the One file.Bteq has 3 different queries.
I need to save outout of all the three queries in three seprate files using one it possible?
Also can we call bteq file within a bteq?

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Passing parameter in Teradata Rest Service Topic by davidtzoor 05 Sep 2016 teradata-rest-service

I am using Teradata Rest Service and trying to pass a parameter for my query:

select ? as ip_address
from my_database.ip_table as g
where internallib.ip2ip3(ip_address) between g.start_ip and g.end_ip

This is how my request looks like:

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File Writer operator writing out 0 for decimal columns with precision greater than 18. Topic by toadrw 08 Jul 2015 export operator, maxdecimaldigits, teradata parallel transporter issue

When exporting data to a flat file we seeing that decimals with over 18 precision are being returned as zero.  MaxDecimalDigits is set to 38 so is there something else we are doing incorrectly here?
Columns 1, 3 and 5 are being exported as zero. So the first column 2687.350 ends up in the flat file as 0.  
Using Teradata 15 and TPT 15.

6 replies, 5 years ago
Error Table Mload Topic by Thiru07 29 Aug 2016 #MLOAD

On running the following mload script :

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TPT attributes SkipRows and SkipRowsEveryFile Topic by sneha.g 09 Jun 2016 tpt, teradata, teradata parallel transporter, TPT attributes, skiprows, Skip Rows, SkipRowsEveryFile, Skip Rows Every File, skip header

If TPT Attributes INTEGER SkipRows = 1 and Varchar SkipRowsEveryFile = 'N' (There are more than 1 file), how will the loader know, for which file the row is to be skipped? How will the loader behave if it faces such scenario?

7 replies, 5 years ago
fastload cannot start with error "The request exceeds the length limit, The maximum length is 1048500." Topic by jingguo 24 Aug 2016

I am writing a fastload script to load a 13M files to a teradata table.
I received error 
     =                                                                 =
     =          FASTLOAD UTILITY     VERSION               =

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TPT Script - Import from TD into HDFS. Topic by aaibinder 25 Aug 2016

I've been searching for this in documentation all day, maybe someone knows this already.
I have read that since version 15.0, it's possible to go from a TPT script directly into HDFS. Right now my script creates the file in local, then uploads it, then deletes it. Anyway to to this more efficiently? Maybe a code sample I can reverse engineer?

4 replies, 5 years ago
TPT and Windows PowerShell Topic by raestadilla 03 Dec 2014 tpt, powershell

I'm trying to run a TPT job using Windows PowerShell but I'm getting this error:

8 replies, 5 years ago
bteq help needed Topic by Dinesh1975 10 Aug 2016

I am new  to TD. Can someone please tell me what this line does.
bteq << !  >> /export/home/din/dba/dbc_hist.log_ 'date '+%m%d%y_%H%M' '   2>&1

2 replies, 5 years ago
MULTILOAD BUFFER ERROR!!! urgent Topic by krishna1985 25 Aug 2016 @dnoeth, @Raja_KT, @Adeel Chaudhry, feinholz

Hi All,
I am trying to load the 8 mil rows into the target table and when I try to insert into target table then I get the below issue
* 16:46:18 UTY1802 Processing Import Sequence 1, Source Sequence 800000.
* 16:46:22 UTY4014 Access module error '17' received during 'pmReadDDparse'

2 replies, 5 years ago
TDCH: escapedby and enclosedby Topic by Cvinodh 31 Aug 2016 hadoop, tdch, load

I am not able to use enclosedby and escapedby arguments in Teradata hadoop connector. I get the following error when I pass these arguments. here I am trying to set enclosedby with a double quote and escapedby with forward slash. The error goes away when I remove the enclosedby and escapedby arguments. The below command is being run from a Linux Centos machine.

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Can TTU 14.10 on Linux connect on a15.10 RDBMS Topic by GNS 30 Aug 2016 #TTU, linux, Teradata 15.10

I am working with an Informatica application where the most recent TTU supported is 14.10.
The Teradata RDBMS will be upgraded to 15.10. Could you let me know if the  TTU and all its components (TPT, ODBC BTEQ etc.) will be able to function properly with this version (15.10)?

1 reply, 5 years ago
TDCH Export from HDFS timestamp issue. Topic by Cvinodh 30 Aug 2016 #Hadoop, #TDCH

I am loading a file from HDFS into Teradata using Teradata Hadoop connector. All my records are getting rejected due to error code 6760 (invalid timestamp). All the timestamp fields are of format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.S with sample values being 2015-05-06 10:55:16.0, 2015-08-14 04:45:33.0.

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FastExport Remove Binary/Indicator Values in Outmod Topic by JimTepin 18 Sep 2015 fastexport, outmod, linux, binary


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TDCH error limit for Export from HDFS with method batch.insert Topic by Cvinodh 29 Aug 2016 tdch, #Hadoop

I am trying to load data from HDFS/Hive into Teradata using the method batch.insert. 
Is there a way to set errorlimit property for the load so that the job will not fail when X-1 or lesser records were not loaded for when the errorlimit is set to X.
As per the TDCH doc the errorlimit property is applicable only for fastload and not for batch.insert mode.

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TPT Wizard driver error Topic by blackrooster 07 Jan 2015 tpt wizard, odbc

When I try to use TPT wizard to connect to SQL Server using odbc DSN I am getting: There was an error initializing the driver for usage.


My configuration is the following:


Teradata RDBMS version


64bit Windows Server


TTU is patched to


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Teradata 14.10 History Window Gone Topic by tduqu 16 Aug 2016

My history window no longer appears at login and I can't select Show History from view window, the Show History text is greyed out. I can still access SQL history in a database but it is much easier to view and name my history when in the application.

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