Find downloads for extending the Teradata Database. Probably the most popular way of doing so is through the use of User Defined Functions, or UDFs, which are routines that operate on data stored in relational tables. We've provided a bunch of these that provide functionality such as emulating common functions available in lesser databases such as DB2 or Oracle, message digest functions for SHA-1 and MD5, and date/time calculations. Remember, you can easily develop your own UDFs, and if you have a UDF that you'd like to share with the world, please contact us, and you might find your name up in lights.

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Teradata 14.10 XML Data Type  -  15 Jul 2015

The XML Data type, introduced in Teradata 14.10, provides the following new capabilities:

Teradata XML Services,,  -  15 Oct 2014

Teradata XML Services provide assistance in database transformation of XML structures to and from relational structures. This is primarily an enterprise fit feature. XML in this context is regarded as a data format that is used to describe incoming or outgoing warehouse data. A key concept for this feature is that we are not transforming to store XML but rather to maintain a relational data model or to integrate relational data into an enterprise XML message structure! The relational data model is bested suited for enterprise analytics. XML structures are best suited for enterprise integration.

Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility
2012.02.13  -  13 Feb 2012

Teradata 13.10 features Block Level Compression (BLC), which provides the capability to perform compression on whole data blocks at the file system level before the data blocks are actually written to storage. Like any compression features, BLC helps save space and reduce I/O. This BLC utility is for Teradata users to run against TD 13.10 system to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC impact on space and speed for each specific table in interest, to get information for selecting appropriate tables to apply BLC.

Algorithmic Compression Test Package  -  12 Nov 2010

The ALC (ALgorithmic Compression) test package contains UDFs simulating TD13.10 built-in compression functions, test templates for Latin and Unicode character columns and step-by-step instructions. It is intended for TD users to run over specific data at column level to determine compression rates of TD 13.10 built-in compression algorithms. The test results provide information for selecting an appropriate algorithm for specific data. These tests use read-only operations and they can be executed on any release that supports UDFs (V2R6.2 & forward). It is recommended to run these tests off peak hours - they will use a significant amount of system resources (CPU bound).

Teradata SQLRestrictedWords UDF Package
1.0  -  07 Jun 2010

Starting from TD 13.10, Teradata DIPUDT script creates the SQLRestrictedWords_TBF function and the SQLRestrictedWords view in the SYSLIB database that allow users and client products to query for Teradata SQL Restricted words. For previous releases, we provide this package online for you to download and install the same table function and create view for the specific release of your server. Please start by reading the README (also included in the download package).

Java External Stored Procedure and UDF runtime library
1.0  -  07 Jul 2008

This library is used when developing Java functions for execution in the Teradata database using an IDE like eclipse. It provides the interface descriptions for the database methods available to the functions. 

Teradata UDFs for popular Oracle functions
4.0  -  22 Jun 2008

A collection of UDFs that emulate the most-commonly used Oracle built-in SQL functions.

Month-Year Difference Determination UDF
1.0  -  15 Jun 2008

These UDFs implement difference determination in months/years using smaller units of granularity, days/months, to accurately calculate the difference. According to the ANSI SQL standard, units smaller than the unit of the result are to be ignored in an SQL calculation, but this can lead to results not consistent with business practices (Refer to NTA 1553). This distribution contains full source code, REPLACE FUNCTION SQL, a test suite and documentation.

Great Circle Distance Calculation UDF
1.0  -  12 Jun 2008

This UDF implements the great circle distance algorithm to determine the distance in miles between two points expressed in longitude and latitude. This distribution contains full source code, REPLACE FUNCTION SQL, a test suite and documentation.

SHA-1 Message Digest UDF
1.0  -  12 Jun 2008

This UDF implements the Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1, for computing a condensed representation of a message. When a message of any length < 264 bits is input, the SHA-1 produces a 160-bit output called a message digest (FIPS 180-1 / RFC 3174). This distribution contains full source code, a test suite, scripts, and documentation.