Teradata Viewpoint documentation including the User Guide, Configuration Guide, and information on the "build your own" Viewpoint Portlet Development Kit (PDK). For community support, consider posting on the Viewpoint forum.

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Viewpoint Portlet Security

The following series of articles talk about how portal and portlet security is handled within Viewpoint.  They also describe how to implement security and permissions within your portlet.

Upgrading Viewpoint Portlets

The following series of articles describe how to upgrade your Viewpoint portlet developed to run on a previous version of the portal to a newer version of the portal.

Viewpoint PDK Cookbook

The following series of articles describe how to create models, controllers, and views within a portlet.  They also describe how to use built in Viewpoint facilities such as Rewind, Validation, etc..

Viewpoint PDK Tutorials

Below are a series of tutorials that show you step by step how to deploy and modify the sample portlets included in the Viewpoint PDK.