The following article displays in a diagram all the major parts of a portlet.

The primary parts of a portlet are:

  • Models - encapsulate data that will be displayed in the portlet
  • Views - render the pages
  • Controllers - respond to browser requests by collecting data for the view
  • Service - collects, filters, and organizes data
  • DAOs - interface to database tables

The following diagram depicts how these components are interconnected when processing a request to render a page:

ramaraomeesala 1 comment Joined 08/10
30 Aug 2010

Can anybody tell what exactly the "Collect Statistics". What's this Low Confidence and High Confidence..? Why to Collect Statistics?
Thanks in Advance

LewisDawson 1 comment Joined 11/08
31 Aug 2010

Can you rephrase your question and be more specific about what you are referring to? Thanks!

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