This tutorial describes how to deploy a portlet into the Viewpoint Development Portal.

  1. Open a command prompt window.
  2. Navigate to the top-level directory of the portlet you want to deploy (the directory containing the build.xml file for the portlet).
  3. Run the following command: ant deploy

Here is an example, assuming the Widgetopia sample portlet is located at C:\tdpdk-xx.xx.xx.xx\src\Hello:

cd \tdpdk-xx.xx.xx.xx\src\Hello
ant deploy

The ant deploy progress is displayed in the Tomcat window. When the portlet deployment is complete, your new portlet should be available under the Add Content menu in your Teradata Viewpoint Portal. Note: the CATALINA_HOME environment variable must previously have been set. See Installing the Viewpoint Development Portal for more details.

See Ant Targets for more detail about ant deploy and other useful ant targets.

Note that when the Teradata Viewpoint Portal is installed, the Sample Portlets are deployed by default. That is, on first startup of Teradata Viewpoint, the portlets are present. You can safely deploy on top of an existing portlet using the normal ant deploy target, or undeploy the portlet using ant undeploy.


Tuen 24 comments Joined 07/05
27 May 2009

When I tried to do the c:\ant deploy under the Widetopia directory, i got the following.

C:\Bills_Programs\viewpoint\tdpdk-\src\Widgetopia>ant deploy
Buildfile: build.xml
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Bills_Programs\viewpoint\tdpdk-\src\Widgetopia\
[get] Error getting to C:\Bills_Programs\

[mkdir] Created dir: C:\Bills_Programs\viewpoint\tdpdk-\src\Widgetopia\.buildconfig
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Bills_Programs\viewpoint\tdpdk-\src\Widgetopia\.buildconfig\
[get] Error getting to C

C:\Bills_Programs\viewpoint\tdpdk-\src\Widgetopia\build.xml:10: The following error occurred while executing this line:


Total time: 2 seconds

Any ideas as to what I might be missing?

MSkiLLz 3 comments Joined 05/09
27 May 2009

You don't have to deploy Widgetopia to get it on viewpoint. All you have to do is run the portal and it should be there.

Tuen 24 comments Joined 07/05
27 May 2009

I know, but I was trying to follow the above tutorial on how to deploy a portlet, but i get the errors above

neilotoole 20 comments Joined 11/08
03 Jun 2009

@Tuen: check out this forum post:

There's a bug that shows up on some operating systems. Basically, you need to add ignoreerrors="true" to the stanzas on lines 14 and 21 of the "" file in your portlet's project directory.

DevX Platform Architect

gloesch 2 comments Joined 02/10
01 Mar 2010

When I try to deploy a self created portlet I always get an error message. I get the same message when I try to redeploy the sample portlets. Can anyone help?

C:\tdpdk-\MyHello>ant deploy
Buildfile: C:\tdpdk-\MyHello\build.xml
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\tdpdk-\MyHello\
[get] Not modified - so not downloaded





[delete] Deleting directory C:\tdpdk-\MyHello\web\WEB-INF\classes






C:\tdpdk-\MyHello\.buildconfig\buildfiles\ and doesn't support the nested "equals" element.

Total time: 3 seconds

gloesch 2 comments Joined 02/10
01 Mar 2010

It works now for me ...

Before I had the following configuration: ANT 1.8.0, PostgreSQL 8.4 and PDK now I changed to: ANT 1.7.0, PostgreSQL 8.2 and PDK and it works fine ...

hd185015 6 comments Joined 10/09
17 May 2010

ant1.8.1 doesn't work for postgres8.4.4 and PDK13.02.00.03, ant1.7.1 works just fine.

MarkVYoung 20 comments Joined 03/12
10 Jul 2012

Hi, I have successfully installed the viewpoint PDK and can add the sample portlets to ny page, but is there any reason that the skewed sessions and dynamicquery show as "DynamicQuery is temporarily unavailable."
How do we get these working? I tried to go into the Admin and Teradata Systems, but it just appears to hang there and not allow me to see any systems or setup connections to a system!

MarkVYoung 20 comments Joined 03/12
10 Jul 2012

I also have a couple of follow up questions - How do we deploy a portlet into the actual Viewpoint server once we have created it? There does not appear to be Ant software installed on the viewpoint server. Do we have to install this ourselves and what other software do we need to install?

cloghin 4 comments Joined 04/12
25 Oct 2012

Existing portlets from tdpdk-\src do not build via ant due to the following error

C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty>ant clean
Buildfile: build.xml
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\
[get] Error getting to C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopi
[echo] PROJECT NAME: tdbuild-bootstrap
[echo] BASEDIR: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty

[mkdir] Created dir: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\.buildconfig
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\.buildconfig\
[get] Error getting to C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-14.0

C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\build.xml:13: The following error occurred while executing this line:

Total time: 0 seconds

New portlets created via portletgenerator do not fail in this way because .buildconfig folder is created by portletgenerator. For now i have just generated .buildconfig by recreating a protlet with the same name and adding this folder so that i can experiment with the widgetopia portlet.

Hopefully the ant config files will get fixed in the PDK release.

cloghin 4 comments Joined 04/12
25 Oct 2012

i should also add that ignoreerrors="true" is set and this is not the issue

paul.j.shade 1 comment Joined 10/11
25 Mar 2013

Has anyone solved this problem. does not exist.  I am using PDK 14.01

ma255063 2 comments Joined 11/13
13 Nov 2013

Do you have any idea, how to generate portlets for PDK 14.11 (Viewpoint 2.0)

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