The Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide for Customers is intended for Teradata Customer Services, Teradata Professional Services, and Customers for configuring and upgrading Teradata Viewpoint. This guide covers all aspects of installing, configuring, and enabling the Teradata Viewpoint solution.

You can also download the Teradata Alerts Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide here. Note that Teradata Alerts is integrated with the Viewpoint guide as of Viewpoint 15.10.

Download Teradata Viewpoint Installationk, Configuration and Upgrade Guide:

  • 15.00 (.pdf, 797 KB)
  • 15.10 (.pdf, 964 KB)  <Includes Alerts>
  • 15.11 (.pdf, 972 KB)  <Includes Alerts>

Download Teradata Alerts Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide:

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