Teradata Viewpoint documentation including the User Guide, Configuration Guide, and information on the "build your own" Viewpoint Portlet Development Kit (PDK). For community support, consider posting on the Viewpoint forum.

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Viewpoint 15.11 Charting Update
Technology Overview The technologies used in this framework are highly responsive to data manipulation on charts. The new charting frameworks uses following third-party client side libraries:
How to Support "Resizing" for Viewpoint Portlets
Teradata Viewpoint 14.01 introduces a wider, more flexible layout, which better utilizes space on wide screen monitors, and gives the user more flexibility in controlling how much information is being displayed.  
Displaying Tabular Data using the DataGrid and BigNumbers Widget
The following tutorial is a guide on how to implement the Viewpoint DataGrid and BigNumbers Widget.  In this example we will show how these widgets were incorporated into the SkewedSessions Portlet.  The actual source code can be found in the SkewedSessions Portlet supplied in PDK version 14.01.  
Upgrading a Viewpoint 14.00 Portlet to 14.01
A portlet developed for Viewpoint 14.0 will, for the most part, work correctly on Viewpoint 14.01. The most impactful change to consider will be to make your portlet support horizontal resizing, and to make any code changes to use the latest versions of jQuery and jQuery UI included with Viewpoint 14.01.  
Teradata Viewpoint & Teradata Alerts User Guides
The Teradata Viewpoint User Guide provides information about how to use Teradata Viewpoint and associated portlets. This user guide is essentially the content found in the Teradata Viewpoint on-line help offered in PDF format.
Teradata Data Lab User Guide
The Teradata Data Lab User Guide explains the concept of lab groups and data labs providing in-depth explanations of the product functionality.   Note that Data Lab installation instructions are included in the associated Viewpoint version installation / configuration guide.
Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guides
The Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide for Customers is intended for Teradata Customer Services, Teradata Professional Services, and Customers for configuring and upgrading Teradata Viewpoint. This guide covers all aspects of installing, configuring, and enabling the Teradata Viewpoint solution.
Getting Started with Viewpoint PDK
The Viewpoint Portlet Development Kit (PDK) is a set of APIs, user interface widgets, styles and other assets that allow you to develop portlets for Teradata Viewpoint. The PDK also includes a "lite" version of Viewpoint that you can run on your desktop. You can download Viewpoint PDK here. Prerequisites Intermediate understanding of the Java programming language Intermediate to advanced level of Javascript, HTML, and CSS web programming experience Understanding of the Spring MVC framework Understanding of JDBC
Viewpoint PDK Concepts
The following series of articles describe the basic concepts required for understanding how to build and create Viewpoint portlets.  They describe what technologies are used and how portlets are structured.  You can download the Viewpoint PDK here.
Viewpoint PDK Reference
The following are a series of articles that provide reference information on how to create portlets, and the technologies you would need to know before you start developing them.