This article is the official release announcement for Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 with an effective release date of April 9th 2014. The Viewpoint 15.00 release has a whole new look and feel. The upgraded infrastructure embraces newer web technologies, improves performance, and enhances user accessibility, interaction, and discovery. As the versioning suggests, Viewpoint 15.00 supports the Teradata Database 15.00 release. 


Themes of the Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 release are currency with the latest web technologies, support of Teradata Database 15.00, and to formally address Section 508 compliance and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). As such, there have been significant modifications to the entire Viewpoint look and feel. Highlights:

Viewpoint New Look

Viewpoint has undergone a significant foundational re-architecture. However, the majority of portlet monitoring and management logic (functions and flow within portlets) remains the same. Below is some of the foundational changes you will enjoy:

  • Flat design with new color scheme.
  • Font size is changed from Verdana to Arial font.
  • New icons for each portlet.
  • Chrome is redesigned increasing the vertical real estate.  

Here is a snapshot of the new Viewpoint 15.00 look:


Header Changes. The next view displays how the header and Rewind bar have changed. The circled header icons represent access to "Help", the "Viewpoint Admin" menu, and a pull down for the Viewpoint "Profile" and "Log Out" options.  Notice the fresh new look of Rewind. All the discrete time increments are clearly shown as separate buttons. Lastly, the Rewind bar now stays visible even when scrolling down a page.


Add Content: The Viewpoint Add Content menu has been redesigned significantly improving the user interaction and discovery. One can add one or more portlets in an operation including multiple instances of the same portlet if desired. There is also a search option at the top to assist in finding the right portlet. New portlet category groupings assist in search and also understanding of portlet relationships. Lastly, notice that all portlets now have new unique representative icon. 


New "Help" including on-line search capability as well as context sensitive help directly within portlets taking you automatically to that portlet assistance.


Teradata Database 15.00 New Features: Here is an overview of the Viewpoint additions related to this new Teradata release.

New Query Monitor Report – By Blocker View: This report is very useful in understanding the blocking contention going on in a Teradata 15.00 or newer system. This report lists of all sessions that are responsible for blocking another sessions or blocked by another sessions. The sessions are grouped in three categories:

  • Root Cause – Sessions that are blocking other sessions.
  • Granted – Sessions that are blocked but is also blocking other sessions. Consider a case of BT-ET transaction where there can be multiple SQLs.
  • Waiting – Sessions that are blocked and is waiting

Blocking Tab: A new blocking tab is added when user drilling down on a session in Query Monitor that is blocking other sessions. This shows information about the locks held by the session, the count of all sessions blocked by this session, and how long it has been blocking other sessions. It also lists the sessions that are blocked by this session so that user can see the sessions it is blocking and take appropriate action. 

Blocked By Tab in Query Monitor: This tab was redesigned to list all the sessions that is blocking the current session. 


Workload Management:  Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 will support Teradata Database 15.00 Workload Management features such as:

  • One can throttle a request at virtual partition level.
  • One can specify a maximum estimated step processing time.
  • One can sub classify on percent of table accessed.
  • One can classify on usage of a Table in a particular statement.
  • Added a new report displaying resource allocation across all SLG tier workloads in all Virtual Partitions for a Planned Environment.

For users of Teradata Integrated Workload Management, you can now define planned environments as state matrix options. 

Please refer to Teradata Database 15.00 documentation for further information on this exciting new Database release.

Aster Workload Management

Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 supports Workload Management for Aster 6.0 and newer. With this new addition, the Viewpoint Workload Designer portlet provides an alternate method of configuring rulesets as well as providing additional functionality such as:

  • Have more than one named ruleset which can be editable by multiple users to make incremental updates
  • Provides lock/unlock capabilities
  • One can export, import, and clone rulesets

Ruleset Features such as Throttles and Workloads are added.

New Metric Heatmap portlet: The prior Capacity Heatmap and Metrics Graph metric portlets have been merged into one super metric portlet called Metric Heatmap (even the name is integrated). It provide a view toggle for doing easy transition to the different displays as shown below where the system CPU usage is shown with two different views within the same portlet.

Alert Viewer portlet hide alerts: As a new type of filter, a hide option has been built into the Alert Viewer portlet allowing certain alerts to be hidden from view. One may use this to selectively hide duplicates or possibly as part of tracking resolved issues. The hide option can be executed for an individual query or through a tables action menu bulk operation (via check boxes). There is a new setting that then allows if hidden alerts should be displayed or not. If hidden alerts are displayed, they will have a strike-through representing the exception. All of these aspects are shown below.

Enhanced Node Resources portlet: The Node Resources portlet has been re-designed but still servers the same purpose for helping to identify over/under utilized nodes and vprocs. This new version is much easier to navigate and understand. The chanes were enough to warrant its own article. Please refer to the "Node Resources Take-2" article for more details.

With the underlying infrastructural changes, all product portlets need to be upgraded in sync. The listing below documents the minimal product versions necessary for Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 compatibility.

  • Viewpoint 15.00
  • Data Lab 15.00
  • DSA 15.00
  • Unity Ecosystem Manager 15.00
  • Unity Data Mover 14.11
  • Unity Director / Unity Loader 14.11

Please refer to the Viewpoint Configuration Guide for details of the upgrade process and the User Guide for details of new features.

We sincerely hope you like the new Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 changes and how it helps in discovery and usability of the product. We always look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Srichakra 1 comment Joined 11/11
15 May 2014

Nice article Shrity and Well written :)

Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
29 May 2014

Thanks Srichakra!!

geethareddy 145 comments Joined 10/11
03 Jun 2014

Great article Shrity.
Are there are any improvements in this version on WLDesigner or WLMonitor portlet in terms of merging the features of WokloadAnalyzer Tool in to either of those portlets? As VP getting the centralized point for WLM, i am checking whether this version or upcoming version of VP is going to support the features of WLAnalyzer tool and we can stop using WLA especially for the SLG recommendations and existing workload analysis etc.


Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
13 Jun 2014

Thanks Geetha,
At present there are no plans of integrating WokloadAnalyzer features in Viewpoint.

chakdom 1 comment Joined 07/08
23 Jun 2014

Nice article Shrity. We are planning to upgrade to Viewpoint 15 , do we have any special Web browser requirements for the same?

Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
23 Jun 2014

Thanks, Viewpoint 15.00 will support
IE - 8.x, 9.x, 10.x
Firefox 28
Chrome 34
Safari 7.x

MarkVYoung 20 comments Joined 03/12
31 Jul 2014

Hi Shrity,
     What versions of the Teradata RDBMS are supported with Viewpoint 15.00? We are currently running 13.10, with plans to upgrade to 14.00 in the next few months. Can we upgrade our current Viewpoint 14.10 and do we need to upgrade the LINUX OS at all? Any other information you may have in relation to compatability would be great also.

MarkVYoung 20 comments Joined 03/12
31 Jul 2014

Hi Shrity,
     I actually downloaded the configuration guide and obtained most of the information I needed, though if you have any other relevant details that would be good.
Supported Teradata Viewpoint Appliances
Teradata Viewpoint Appliance Model Number
Description Storage Capacity
415 Dell 2950 with 20 GB total RAM upgrade 4 x 300 GB drives (RAID 5)
617 Dell R710 4 x 450 GB drives (RAID 5)
819 Dell R720 6 x 900 GB drives (RAID 10)

Supported Teradata Database Versions
• 13.0
• 13.10
• 14.0
• 14.10
• 15.0

rupert160 6 comments Joined 09/10
31 Jul 2014

Does Viewpoint Exist for SLES 11 yet? Does the TD Express 15.0 SLES 11 instance have viewpoint?

Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
01 Aug 2014

Did you mean Viewpoint 15.00 supports TD on SLES 11. If so yes it does. However, Viewpoint cannot run on SLES 11 OS so TD Express 15.0 SLES 11 instance doesnot have viewpoint. Check below for more details on TD Express 15.0 SLES 11 instance.

Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
01 Aug 2014

You have all the information.. :-) 

geethareddy 145 comments Joined 10/11
05 Aug 2014

Hey Shrity,
Not sure i can ask this question here or not, actually i hav a situation where i need to copy the whole role setup, permissions, existing users for each role from OLD VP portal to NEW VP portal. Is there any automatic or quick way, instead of manually checking the settings in OLD VP portal and doing the same in NEW VP portal?

And on the same note, i just wanted to add my thought that if we have an option for each role to export the existing settings from Users, Portlets, Notifications, Metrics, Permissions tab  would be helpful.



LUCAS 17 comments Joined 06/09
26 Aug 2014

Ho yes !
it would be very very helpful, avoiding to ramble through windows to retrieve roles and portlets and permissions ...

mm185159 5 comments Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014

So, I have downloaded and installed TD Express 15.0 for VMware w/Viewpoint (SLES 10).
The install is fine, the database (TD 15) is fine and I can connect to it both from within the VM instance (guest) and from the Windows Host (Win7 clients).
I am able also able to execute the included start/stop Viewpoint Services program within VM. (says Viewpoint services are started).
I am not able to discover the URL (IP address) to allow me to connect to the Viewpoint server (Virtual?)
Please advise?

10 Mar 2015

Do we build and run custom portlets in the same manner as before or is there a new toolkit that can be requested by opening a support case?

Shrity 61 comments Joined 05/12
10 Mar 2015

Yes, you will need new toolkit and you will need to make changes to your custom built portlet. Please contact your account team or local CSR to get access to new PDK details.

sridharsj 3 comments Joined 03/13
11 Mar 2015

Will I be able to get mobile alerts on the failures? Please guide me with neccessary information. Thanks

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