The Teradata Viewpoint patch bundle is available on the patch server effective June 28th, 2010. We don't normally publish Viewpoint articles on patch releases but this one has some significance worth noting so please read on.

The Viewpoint patch release addresses three items worth mentioning.

  1. Utility partition usage
  2. Teradata Manager data dictionary cleanup settings
  3. Viewpoint 13.03 Japanese localization

The first two address remaining minor gaps in the Teradata Manager feature equivalence from the Viewpoint 13.03 release. These items were documented in the Teradata Viewpoint 13.03 released article, under the Teradata Manager Considerations section. That section description is included below for your convenience.

"First, there were a couple of minor items realized late that still need addressing. These are the utility partition usage and Teradata Manager data dictionary table cleanup settings. Both of these will be addressed in an upcoming patch release to 13.03. The utility information will be a new item choice in the Query Monitor portlet while the data cleanup settings will be added to the Viewpoint Admin menus under the Teradata System grouping."

The utility partition usage was added to the Query Monitor portlet as a new option under the selection menu choices as shown below.

This function is described as "Displays rows of utilities in the sessions table". The view shows utility activity counts versus the system limit settings. Here's an example view.

Note that one can drill down on a row in the view for more detailed information on the applicable sessions for the selected utility line item. For instance, drilling down on the FastExport produces the following:

Regarding the second significant item, the Teradata Manager data dictionary cleanup settings are available in the Admin menus under Teradata Systems choice and then the "Log Table Clean Up" option. It allows removal of unnecessary information and reallocation of space in the Teradata Database. After enabling and configuring the retention period, one must set the time of the clean up schedule. The clean up process permanently deletes the data. Log tables available for clean up are items such as DBQL, ResUsage, Access, etc. This new administrative option looks like this.

The third item of significance in this patch release offers Japanese localization of Viewpoint 13.03. The localization is automatically enabled when the default locale is set to Japan. Here's a view of a Japanese localized dashboard.

Finally, this release includes various bug fixes. As always, it is prudent to have your Viewpoint system at the latest patch levels so please consider this patch release for implementation as soon as possible.