Interested in the new Teradata Data Lab product release but left wondering how it may apply to your Teradata environment? Are you one of those "seeing is believing" people? Here we present a series of screencasts demonstrating the capabiltiies of the Teradata Data Lab portlets for various users in the Teradata environment. 

Dan, the DBA, creates a new Lab Group for Campaign Data

Dan shows you how to create a new lab group and what management options one can consider for on-going management of the lab group

Dan creates a Finance Lab Group with more Self Service features

Dan demonstrates a lab group creation where users have more automated ownership of their operations

Ann, the Business User, checks out the new data lab tool and requests a data lab

See how Ann, the Business Analyst, can review existing labs in the environment and easily request one of her own using the Data Labs portlet within Viewpoint

Ann, making great progress on her data exploration, now needs more time and other users involved

Ann, realizing the power of the data she is exporing, requests an extension for her expiring lab and submits an access addition request for other interested users in her group.  

Sam, a Lab Group Owner, has been empowered to manage his team's lab group alleviating Dan, the DBA, of data lab daily tasks

Sam receives an email notifying him of a pending request and uses Data Labs to approve Ann's request for user additions

Teradata Data Lab ... Data exploration, data proofing without all the hassle. The Best Decision Possible.