Introduced in Viewpoint 15.11, Viewpoint Mobile is a new way of monitoring and managing your Teradata systems using an interface optimized for smaller devices. Viewpoint Mobile is designed to pull together the most relevant data and features from the System Health, Query Monitor, Alert Viewer, Metrics Analysis, and SQL Scratchpad portlets in order to support system monitoring and management while on the go. Whether you have Teradata, Aster, or Hadoop systems, Viewpoint Mobile allows you to monitor the health of those systems and to perform common management tasks. For example  aborting a query or changing the workload for a query on a Teradata DB system.

Viewpoint Mobile is implemented as a web application so it does not require an app download; just open a mobile browser using the same URL you always use. The mobile interface does not simply mirror the standard desktop UI to small devices, rather, it has been tailored to give you the mobile experience you expect:

·      A wide range of screens are supported

·      Touch based control

·      The number and size of files that are sent to the browser have been reduced to increase network performance and to ensure Viewpoint does not eat-up your data plan

·      Important data is surfaced so you can see the information you need without a lot of digging


To get started, launch Viewpoint Mobile by opening the standard Viewpoint URL on your mobile device. If you have been granted access to Viewpoint Mobile in Roles Manager you will have access to the mobile experience, otherwise, you will see the desktop interface. If you are using a larger format device such as a tablet you can switch to the desktop interface at any time.


The mobile homepage contains a System Health overview, with information about the overall health of monitored systems and up to three metrics that have exceeded thresholds. To see additional details, tap a system.

System Overview

The System Overview page provides a high level snapshot of status and activity for the selected system, including:

  • Trend graphs for key metrics
  • System Health metrics that have exceeded thresholds
  • Number of active, blocked, and delayed queries
  • Number of critical and high alerts

You can drill down on system health, queries, or alerts for more information.

System Health Details

The System Health details view displays the same metrics information that you are accustomed to seeing in the System Health portlet. While a key performance indicator metric threshold is exceeded, a sparkline is shown to help with investigation. For metrics that do not currently exceed a threshold, tap a metric to view its sparkline.


Just like Query Monitor portlet, the Query view shows a list of queries running on your system. Use the filter in the upper-right to filter the view by query status to focus on active, blocked, delayed, or other queries. When you find something of interest, tap the query to drill down and get access to additional information and management functions.


Query Details

The Query Details view once again leverages the familiar Query Monitor interface to show query metrics, SQL, explain, query band, and more. To access each "tab" of data, swipe sideways. To access the functions you need to effectively manage the query, tap the Actions menu.


The Alerts view leverages the power of Viewpoint alerts to keep you informed when an interesting event occurs. Just like Alert Viewer, this view lists recent triggered alerts and can be filtered to show alerts of different severity. To see details, tap an alert.

Alert Details

The Alert Details view provides the who, what, where, and when for the selected alert. If you review the alert and determine that it is no big deal, use the Actions menu to hide the alert and reduce clutter in the Alerts list.

If you need more information or need to take immediate action, use the main navigation menu in the upper-right to quickly jump to the data and features you need.


SQL Mobile

The SQL Mobile view provides all of the access you are accustomed to in the SQL Scratchpad portlet. You can type a new query, load a previously run query, load a saved query, and run queries to retrieve query results from a Teradata Database system. You access the editor using the main navigation menu.


We realize that different users are interested in different information and data from different time frames. To help you see the data you need, Viewpoint Mobile lets you customize different views using the Settings interface. Want to customize the columns for the Queries list? Want to change which systems are monitored? Want to limit the display of alerts to only those that occurred in the last 24 hours? Just open up Settings and specify what data you want to see in Viewpoint Mobile.


That should give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the new Viewpoint Mobile. We have done our best to expose the right data at the right time in this initial release of Viewpoint Mobile and look forward to hearing about people's experiences with it so we can make improvements over time. Thanks.

17 Mar 2016

Hi Craig,
sorry if my comment is out of topic.

We are running viewpoint 15.10 on TD 15.0.
Is there a way in viewpoint to discover on what table we are loading data with Multiload/FastLoad ?
I use remote console utility -> query session that tells me for the FASTLOAD/MULTILOAD session what are the "children" and the number of rows read from the source, but it not tells me on what table we are loading data !
Thanks & regars,

Pietro Nardella
Teradata Italia

Bjorn 12 comments Joined 08/07
19 Apr 2016

Hi, try this:
Start Remote Console -> Check table Utility
Type "Check Databasename at level Pendingop;"
You may specify "All Tables" in stead of a particular databasename.
The output will list all tables with FastLoad/MultiLoad lock on them.
Regards Bjørn Saastad
Gjensidige Forsikring

Bjorn S

aabhyankar9 1 comment Joined 04/16
18 May 2016

Can you please tell more on Viewpoint Mobile?
We connect to client viewpoint using Citrix gateway.
How does it load viewpoint just by opening in browser?

randy.dycus2 7 comments Joined 05/14
29 Jun 2016

Hi Craig,
This looks just like what I have been hoping for - looks like we will need to upgrade Viewpoint, but what about the DBS version?
We are still at 14.10 - will that be an issue?

Johannes Vink 3 comments Joined 08/14
30 Jun 2016

Hi Randy,
Viewpoint 15.11 is compatible with TD 14.10. But please keep in mind that as of Viewpoint 15.11 SLES10 is not supported. That was what held us back upgrading to 15.11. But as of next week we are running on Viewpoint 15.11 with TD 14.10.
Regards, Johannes

randy.dycus2 7 comments Joined 05/14
30 Jun 2016

Thanks Johannes for the information. We should be good, then, as we are on SLES11.
Have a good day,

Prapull 1 comment Joined 08/16
23 Aug 2016

Can I setup to test it on my local teradata database VMware pkg by connecting to internet. For Testing purposes. ?

Prapull Khanderao
Teradata DBA

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