320 Sep 2012 @ 03:13 PDTAsterUsing Aster Data's Naive Bayes functionsHi, I'm using Release: 4.6 Build: 4.6.2-r27284. You can find install guide here: http://developer.teradata.com/aster/articles/aster-unleashed-installing-the-analytic-libraries
218 Sep 2012 @ 03:59 PDTAsterEclipse - The other Aster Data SQL client"Data Source Explorer" is not a plugin, it's a so called "view" in Eclipse terminology. See the updated article. It's explained there how to open "Data Source Explorer".
112 Sep 2012 @ 05:44 PDTAsterUsing Aster Express: ACT 1Hi, I got an error: ERROR: There are currently not enough vworkers available to execute queries. The cluster may need to be activated through the AMC. Contact your database administrator for fur...