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ODBC Learning Examples - Tier 2 is a suite of applications designed to provide an informative guide to developing ODBC applications as well as providing simple building blocks for ODBC applications.  The samples are split into eleven distinct modules. Within each module there is a range of applications usually with a unifying lesson in mind. This document contains instructions for the use and the descriptions behind each module and the sample applications contained within that module.

Once the EAR or WAR has been successfully deployed and configured on your Application Server you are now ready to use the TERAJMSA Administration UI. This tool can be used to accomplish various administrative tasks for TERAJMSA. These tasks include 1) Managing services and properties and 2) Managing the Environment Variables

  • Go to the [Tomcat Web Application Manager] – http://<your_server_name>:8080/manager/html

Figure 25:  Tomcat Web Application Manager