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Since Teradata first introduced native Geospatial capabilities in the database there have been inquiries about how to interoperate with the spatial data via client GIS and visualization tools.  In this article we are going to discuss how to view and edit spatial features and attributes maintained within Teradata in real-time by using the GeoServer web services.

As Teradata customers discover and begin to utilize the native Teradata database geospatial capabilities, one of the first questions that inevitably comes up is, how do I “Geocode” my data?  In fact, Geocoding will often be an important first phase of any Geospatial implementation project and sometimes even a barrier to start the project all together.  The purpose of this article is to discuss what Geocoding is, how it works, Geocoding options, precision, and sources available today for Geocoded information.

The Teradata Database offers a unique native capability, the Aggregate Join Index (AJI), to help support multi-dimensional Business Intelligence solutions.  An AJI is an aggregated result set saved as an index in the database.  The AJI will be used automatically by the Teradata Optimizer when like columns and aggregates are made frequently within a query plan.  The AJIs perform aggregations automatically as the data is loaded into the data warehouse, resulting in highly performing response times when required.  Also, the BI tool and BI administrator can remain unaware of the AJI and send th

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