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If you’re waiting for an easy way to load data from one or more Teradata table(s) into a Teradata table without writing a Teradata PT script, wait no further.  Teradata PT Easy Loader can do it easily.  In the 14.0 release, the tool can load data from a Teradata table or from SELECT statement(s).

This article will show you how to use Teradata PT to copy data from one or more non-Teradata table(s) (e.g. Oracle table) to a Teradata table without using any intermediate disk storage. Teradata PT uses an ODBC operator as a producer to extract data from an Oracle table (as an example) and a Load operator as a consumer to load data into a Teradata table. You can modify the script to use other consumer operators such as Update, Stream or Inserter operator.

Teradata PT supports loading Large Object (LOB) data into, and extracting LOB data from, Teradata Database tables. Large Objects are data types that can be Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) or Character Large Objects (CLOBs).

The SQL Inserter operator is the only consumer operator that can load LOB data into the Teradata Database. The SQL Selector operator is the only producer operator that can extract LOB data from the Teradata Database. Other operators (Export, Load, Update and Stream) cannot process LOB data. The Data Connector operator can read and write the inline LOB data.

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