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There are lies, damned lies and … statistics.  Statistics are “the science that deals with the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts or data, and that, by use of mathematical theories of probability, imposes order and regularity on aggregates of more or less disparate elements.”  At least that is according to the definition provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Many other more philosophical definitions have been provided for statistics over time, as well as many observations regarding the value of statistics.

On August 24, 2009 Teradata Corporation announced the availability of innovative software that virtualizes data storage: Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS). TVS enables Teradata customers to add storage capacity at very low cost and to maximize performance to meet the enterprise intelligence demands of business users. Teradata has used virtualization techniques since the mid 1990s with the technology that virtualizes the resources of the node through the AMP based architecture. AMPs were once hardware devices, back in the days of the Teradata DBC 1012 database computers. Since the mid 1990s, AMPs have been referred to, and utilized, as a type of virtual processor (vproc), specifically, an AMP vproc.

This article examines what Enterprise Logical Data Models (ELDMs) are, what the value of Enterprise Logical Data Models can be, and why that value is sometimes not able to be realized.  Some real world scenarios are offered to illustrate what can happen with regard to the use, disuse,  and development of ELDMs.

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