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Teradata Viewpoint is a fully web-based database management platform, built on the JSR-168 portal standard. In this screencast, Teradata Viewpoint engineer Josh Palmer provide a quick (2 min) overview of basic portal functionality: adding and removing portlets to the page, moving portlets, and managing pages.

The Filtered Queries portlet in Teradata Viewpoint 13.0.1 allows the end user to see a view of the queries running on a Teradata system, filtered by query state. In this video, Teradata Viewpoint engineer Kurt Jackson provides a quick (2 min) overview of the Filtered Queries portlet functionality.  

By introducing new, powerful portlets, adding and enhancing administrative capabilities, and achieving product internationalization, the Teradata Viewpoint 13.0.1 release continues to deliver state-of-the-art system management and monitoring tools, all within your web-browser. In addition to delivering new portlets, the 13.0.1 release added and automated Teradata Viewpoint administrative tasks into the redesigned Configuration portlet, which is accessed from the Administration menu. Here are the top ten new features in the Viewpoint 13.0.1 release.

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