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Teradata is pleased to announce the Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) 14.00 release effective May 23rd, 2012 (sorry, a little tardy on the release article).  This release is focused on customer enhancement requests, many of which were tied to extending the TMSM infrastructure to better suit customer environments and volume usage. The release includes focused performance improvements, portlet updates, enhancements to the API, and expanded browser support.

We are pleased to announce the release of Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) release 13.11 on September 28, 2011.    This release allows TMSM to integrate with our newest product in the Dual Systems / Analytical Ecosystem family – Teradata Unity.   TMSM was also enhanced to provide additional table validation options and support for other client platforms.   Additionally, we have added integration with the Common Alerting Mechanism (CAM) / Teradata Alerts that was released with Viewpoint.

We are pleased to announce the GCA of Teradata Multi-System Manager 13.10, available January 23, 2011. This is our third major release of Teradata MSM.

Teradata Multi-System Manager is an application that provides a powerful and simple to use approach for monitoring, administration, and control of single- and multi-system environments. 

The Teradata Multi-System Manager product monitors and controls critical applications in both single- and multi-system Teradata environments. It is an event-driven solution that monitors operations, generates alerts, and pushes those mission-critical application alerts to operations staff, DBAs, and other subscribed EDW Operations staff. Teradata Multi-System Manager requires Teradata Viewpoint to support its portlet user interface.

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