808 Aug 2014 @ 08:52 PDTJobsTopicContract to Hire Teradata Sr. Developer with InformaticaContract to Hire Posistion / Nashville TN.   ·    Supports deployments, data restoration, rebuilds and the operation of non-production environments utilizing Teradata, ...
714 Jul 2014 @ 12:08 PDTTeradata StudioReplyTeradata Studio Bugs / Problem reportingThanks.  I had been led to think that TD Studio was a free tool and not supported the way that SQLA and TDAdmin are supported.
610 Jul 2014 @ 11:34 PDTTeradata StudioTopicTeradata Studio Bugs / Problem reportingTeradata Client Team, Where can we report problems/bugs/issues we have with Teradata Studio?  What is the SOP for this outside of the T@YS which is for Teradata Supported Applications? Thanks
529 Jan 2014 @ 10:06 PSTToolsReplyCopy tables between two different systemsAtana Suite SyncTool is awesome!
420 Apr 2012 @ 10:19 PDTDatabaseReplyWhat will occur when a row level lock is requested in a macro and the Optimizer determines a table level lock is required? Will the lock obtained by a Macro ignore a "Lock for access" inside of a view?
307 Dec 2011 @ 07:47 PSTDatabaseTopicFind Sampled Stats Is there a way to see the STATS on a table and determine if they are SAMPLED or FULL ?
201 Dec 2011 @ 08:31 PSTViewpointReplyidle-session alerts Is there a way to Abort IDLE sessions for just 1 user?  I see the exception list , but i need an include option.
101 Dec 2011 @ 08:20 PSTViewpointTopicFilter for users on Partitions Can I recommend a Viewpoint enhancement of a filter to make a user choose the Partition on certain tables, or their SQL will not execute?  This would be helpful.