622 Oct 2012 @ 12:49 PDTTrainingReplyIs SQL Reference Fundamentals B035-1141-067A.pdf the correct/sufficient material for passing TEO-122?Hi Sidhharth,  Can you please share the pdf with me? I also want to appear for TEO122.   my email id is khushbu.agrawal18@gmail.com
518 Oct 2012 @ 01:37 PDTTeradata ApplicationsTopicQuery on Big Table sized approx 1 TBHI,  I have a very big fact table named F_BASE_SALES_TRANS_LINE and the size as aprrox 1 TB. This table contains detailed dat at calendar_date, ITem_id, Store_num, TRANS_line_id... You can s...
410 Mar 2011 @ 09:37 PSTDatabaseReplyError 3738 String is longer than 31000 charactersCan anyone please suggest me also solution of this problem..
310 Aug 2010 @ 12:39 PDTUDAReplyHow can I get stats recommendation from Explain?After writing DIAGNOSTIC HELPSTATS ON FOR SESSION; then you have to write Explain Sel * from Tablename where a= then it will give you explain paln of the above query and in the explai...
209 Aug 2010 @ 05:11 PDTDatabaseReplyhow teradata identify for the psuedo tableThanks Jim.
105 Aug 2010 @ 02:46 PDTDatabaseTopichow teradata identify for the psuedo tableBasically i wanted to know how teradata identify for the Psuedo table. And why adjactly teradata need Psuedo table.