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The RJDBC package enables an R application to use the Teradata JDBC Driver to access the Teradata Database.

DBI is the standard database interface for R, and RJDBC is an implementation of DBI that serves as an adapter to translate DBI actions into the corresponding JDBC actions. This combination enables R to use a JDBC Driver, such as the Teradata JDBC Driver.

R application RJDBC Teradata JDBC Driver Teradata Database


Configuring R to use the Teradata JDBC Driver

JDBC support has been added to teradataR version 1.0.1 which provides the ability of using the Teradata JDBC Driver through teradataR to connect to the Teradata database.  teradataR allows R users to easily connect to a Teradata database and use statistical functions directly against the Teradata system without having to extract memory into data.  For more information on teradataR, refer to the teradataR User Guide.

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