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The Teradata MultiLoad Notify Exit Routine has some issues in the 14.00 and 14.10 releases because of enhancements to the MultiLoad notify events logic. This document discusses the enhancements and issues in detail.

TPump has been enhanced to dynamically determine the PACK factor and fill up data buffer if there is variable-length data. This feature is available in Teradata TPump,, and higher releases.

The use of TEXT format and INDICATORS mode when Teradata load utilities are used to load non-character data can lead to problems. This article will discuss this issue in more detail and describe what has been (will be) done to strongly discourage this usage.

TPump macrocharset support

TPump now forces CHARSET internally when building its macros! This feature is new starting in TPump release.

In TPump and higher releases the maximum pack factor has been increased from 600 to 2430.

TPump users use "PACK <statements>" in the "BEGIN LOAD" command to specify the number of data records to be packed into one request, where PACK is a TPump keyword and “statements” actually refers to the number of data records to be packed.

Packing improves network/channel efficiency by reducing the number of sends and receives between the application and the Teradata Database.

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