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Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) is a flexible, high-performance Data Warehouse loading tool, specifically optimized for the Teradata Database, which enables data extraction, transformation and loading. TPT incorporates an infrastructure that provides a parallel execution environment for product components called “operators.”  These integrate with the infrastructure in a "plug-in" fashion and are thus interoperable.

TPT operators provide access to such external resources as files, DBMS tables, and Messaging Middleware products, and perform various filtering and transformation functions. The TPT infrastructure includes a high performance data transfer mechanism called the data stream, used for interchanging data between the operators.

The Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) External Command Interface is a command based interface which allows users to issue commands to TPT jobs. The term “external commands” implies two important implementations. First, it implies that users can issue commands to TPT jobs from outside the TPT address space. Secondly, it implies that commands are processed by TPT while it is in the middle of performing ETL operations. In addition, TPT internal components such as operators (which run under different processes) can also communicate with each other within a job through the same interface by using commands. As a result, ETL and system “events” are not only shared between the TPT and users, but also shared amongst TPT components within a job at runtime.

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