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The Unicodeā„¢ standard defines five encodings (the first three encodings are currently supported by Teradata):

The Teradata RDBMS can return a variety of errors. Some of these errors are retryable (that is, the request can be resubmitted); the simplest example of this is a 2631 (Transaction aborted due to %VSTR) caused by a deadlock condition. Other errors are not retryable; data-related errors (constraint violations, etc.) are an example.

For certain retryable error codes, BTEQ will, by default, retry the failing request. The user can disable such retries via the SET RETRY command. For example, if a 2631 occurs, and retries have not been disabled, BTEQ will resubmit the request.

We have made great strides in improving our handling of delimited data (i.e. CSV data) in Teradata Parallel Transporter for the TTU14.00 release. This article will describe the background of the data format, the original support, and the enhancements we have made.

The use of TEXT format and INDICATORS mode when Teradata load utilities are used to load non-character data can lead to problems. This article will discuss this issue in more detail and describe what has been (will be) done to strongly discourage this usage.

Although Teradata Utilities allow binary information in text files, doing so can have unintended consequences.

Teradata currently supports up to 38 digits in DECIMAL columns. There are several ways to control how many digits you're working with, and they interact in various ways.

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