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Once you've installed the Evaluation Copy of Teradata Warehouse Miner (described in the article "Getting Started Installing and Configuring Teradata Warehouse Miner"), there are now two ways to get to know Teradata Warehouse Miner.  First, you can get started quickly by loading and viewing a supplied tutorial project.  Second, you can learn how to build a project from scratch, with specific examples in on the following:

  • Create a Histogram Analysis
  • Create a Scatter Plot Diagram
  • Create a Decision Tree Model
  • Create a Decision Tree Score Table

It is easy to install the Teradata Warehouse Miner Evaluation software. First, download the software package. Then open the “TWM.msi” file and follow the instructions, including accepting the license agreement and, if necessary, installing the appropriate version of the .NET runtime package if prompted to do so.  After the installation, start the application via its desktop icon or start-program item and then select Contents & Index on the Help menu (or simply press F1).  Open the Configuration sub-chapter in the Installation and Configuration chapter of the Help system.  You can follow the instructions in this chapter to configure Teradata Warehouse Miner to work against the desired data in your Teradata data warehouse. 

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