Training material covering the integration of Teradata into the larger IT ecosystem, and the enterprise-class features, tools, patterns, and best-practices that facilitate mission-critical operation of the Teradata EDW. This includes coverage of technologies such as Dual Active, TASM and TMSM.

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AI-BI-CI - How To Use Active Intelligence to Do More With Your (Big or Not) Data

This fast-paced survey talk provides a bird's-eye view of how smart, forward-looking businesses are using Teradata/Aster/Hadoop/Aprimo and partner technologies to make better, faster decisions.

Unity Director & Unity Loader - Product Overview & Roadmap

Unity Director and Unity Loader are core components of the Teradata Unity Portfolio. This presentation provides a high-level overview of the Unity Director and Unity Loader feature functionality and future roadmap.

Best Practices for Teradata Backup and Restore

The primary goals in a successful backup strategy are to ensure backup integrity, minimize backup & restore time, & reduce impact on the Teradata system. This presentation covers the connection, configuration, & tuning of the BAR hardware and software components, protecting & validating backups, & how different backup strategies can be applied to reduce system impact.