The primary goals in a successful backup strategy are to ensure backup integrity, minimize backup & restore time, & reduce impact on the Teradata system. This presentation covers the connection, configuration, & tuning of the BAR hardware and software components, protecting & validating backups, & how different backup strategies can be applied to reduce system impact.

For hardware, discussion includes the BAR servers, backup media devices, & network connectivity to the Teradata system. For software, the focus is on ARC & the Open Teradata Backup products. Backup protection includes using multi-tier backup with both disk and tape, as well as offsite protection for backups via vaulting. Finally, the strategy discussion covers online archive, deduplication with BAR storage, and parallel backups using cluster, multi-stream, & multiple all-AMP backup jobs.

Key Points

  • BAR Tuning – Configure & Optimize Teradata, BAR Server & Applications
  • Backup Media Destinations – Selection, Connection, Configuration, Tuning, & Protection
  • Backup Strategy – Options for Parallel, Online, & Deduplicating storage

Note: A 2007 Partners Conference presentation, updated in 2010.

Presenter: Jeremy Davis – Teradata Corporation

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Audience: DBAs, Enterprise or IT Architects, System Administrators/Operators

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