This fast-paced survey talk provides a bird's-eye view of how smart, forward-looking businesses are using Teradata/Aster/Hadoop/Aprimo and partner technologies to make better, faster decisions.

1. Using real examples, we'll cover what's new in traditional BI in the back office -- specifically analytics on big data, social media, geospatial, tim series, mobile, and sensor data.
2. Next we show the journeys of four companies that have moved to AI – Active Intelligence, empowering front-line users and systems with real-time insights and predictive models.
3. The final section introduces the new topic of CI – Consumer Intelligence. Think about how everything changes when customers have direct access to their data in your systems.

The talk includes a variety of thought-provoking customer examples as well as a video or two to make key points.

Presenter: Dave Schrader – Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Database Administrator, Designer/Achitect

Course number:50827
Training URL:
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00