Training material covering the integration of Teradata into the larger IT ecosystem, and the enterprise-class features, tools, patterns, and best-practices that facilitate mission-critical operation of the Teradata EDW. This includes coverage of technologies such as Dual Active, TASM and TMSM.

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Teradata QueryGrid Use Cases
Teradata QueryGrid is increasingly popular because it simplifies access to data across parallel platforms.  
Introduction to Data Lakes by Think Big

This session will present an overview of the Think Big Data Lake program.

Integrated Analytics is a Different World

If you want to compare and contrast an integrated analytic environment with a transactional application environment and examine key aspects of analytic systems like applications, data, shared platforms, people and data center functions then this is the session for you.

Unified Data Architecture Monitoring & Management

The Unified Data Architecture enables Teradata, Aster and Hadoop to deliver unparalleled value.

Unity Ecosystem Manager – Advanced Monitoring and Alerting for your UDA

It’s 2 AM, and the Load Job required for the executives’ Monday morning briefing report failed… How are you notified? Ecosystem Manager provides advanced features that can alert and trigger automated corrective actions for such system events.

Backup and Restore using Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA)

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) is a new product offering for Teradata Backup and Restore, providing significant performance and usability improvements over existing backup and restore functionality.

Hadoop Security 101

Processes for integrating security controls were underdeveloped in early versions of Hadoop because data protection needs in its ecosystem were not well-understood.

YARN and Tez

TThis session dives into the new Hadoop architectural constructs called YARN and Tez.

Hadoop 2.0

This session introduces Hadoop 2.0 changes and concepts.

Teradata Unity Director and Unity Loader Architecture

This is a review of the Unity (formerly Director and Loader) architecture.